Further processing

As a first step to processing, we offer slabstocks that customers can process further themselves. However, we would be glad to manufacture individual and custom-made foam solutions for you. These include foam flakes, plates, rolls and high-precision foam cuts.

We offer everything from a simple rectangular cut to a wide range of geometrical shapes, to partial PUR coating and parts with a nubbed or pyramid-shaped surface structure cut. Plates are primarily used in flat upholstery. Using a loop splitting machine, rolls are cut to a thickness of between 1.8 mm and 30 mm, at widths of between 1000 mm and 2100 mm, and are mainly used in the automotive industry, as well as the sport and textile industry.

We produce rebound foams from used foams. This recycling material can be widely used for noise, vibration or foot fall sound absorption thanks to different densities and material thickness.


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