Sport & leisure

Many products from the sport and leisure sector only obtain their special properties by using different foam grades. We are looking forward to your contact.

Whether ski goggles, brassieres, trekking shoes, working and safety shoes, cycling or jet trousers, protectors, sports mats or sport and leisure equipment for children, PUR foam is definitely a decisive factor for their functionality and comfort.

Our ester and ether- based PUR grades are also used in a large selection of industrial products. The materials can be cut, punched, milled, thermoformed, laminated, high-frequency welded or flocked, to name a few! The areas of application are wide-ranging: sealing tape, thermal insulation, sound proofing material, transport protection & packaging, aeration systems.

Highlight: Hypersoft

A flocked foam with a velvety-soft Surface. The most tender temptation since there’s foam!