As diverse as your ideas


Foams are used in many areas of our daily life.
From mattresses via packagings through to
technical applications.


Automotive engineering

Foam needs to have special properties if it is to be used in the automotive sector. We respond to the increasing challenges in this industry and have developed a series of specialty foams in recent years.



In close collaboration with well-known mattress suppliers, we develop the ideal interior for high-quality mattresses. Choosing just the right density and core hardness is vital for a long-lasting, relaxing sleep.


Medicine & health

Our foamforcare business unit supplies a broad range of products for the health-care sector. This extends from mattresses designed to prevent bedsores, through positioning aids, and all the way to cushions for seating and wheelchair applications.


Noise protection

We offer you custom soundproofing solutions for all types of technical noise reduction – from construction machinery and agricultural vehicles through racing motorcycles.


Sport & leisure

Many products in the sports and recreation segment rely on the use of various qualities of foam to give them their special properties.


Environmental technology & industry

Solving problems in a tailored, customer-focused way is the goal we aspire to achieve. As a result, our environmental and industry business segment spans a wide array of possible applications.



What’s valuable is worth protecting. And this is what our Eurofoam pactec business segment specializes in: using tailor-made packaging solutions that fit perfectly around every contour of delicate products to protect them like armor.


Home & comfort

Industry, enterprise, and retail are among Eurofoam’s traditional business areas. We’re proud of our decades-long customer relationships and respond by providing them with first-class service, sound advice, and a continually expanding product range.