That which is valuable, must be protected. This is why we have become more specialized with Eurofoam pactec, offering custom-made packaging solutions that fit fragile products like a glove, almost like protective armor.

Our team offers you packaging solutions, especially tailored to your needs, in a variety of ways

  • Security, reusable and transport packaging
  • Packaging for sensitive electronic components (ESD)
  • Molded foam containers and trays made from EPP, EPE, EPS
  • Customized luggage solutions and empty cases
  • Advertising and promotional items
  • A wide range of products manufactured from PE, PP and PUR foam

In order to develop optimum packing for your requirements, we are providing you with our very own technical department, which can look after your vertical shock value calculations. Benefit from our know-how!


Case solutions

Choose from our standard case range or we will also tailor our cases to suit your requirements on request.

Foam inserts made from PU or PE foam offer exact fit, reliable protection and transparent organization with optimum presentation features.

By means of attractive and transparent presentation, the customer can better experience the significance and quality of your products. Because visual appeal is everything!

Inserts & constructive solutions

Whether it is inserts for cardboard packaging, small load carriers or circulation containers, we are happy to develop the optimum transport and presentation solution together with you.

The areas of application for foams are many and very individual.
We are looking forward to handling your special request for this extremely diverse material.

Transport containers & load carriers for internal moving

The design, especially tailored to your product, minimizes transport and storage volume and helps cut costs. It goes without saying that protection against damage also plays an important role when it comes to design and development.

Additional important criteria are: the lowest possible dead weight, a high degree of reusability, and of course, stackability and transportability. By using labels or logos, product identification also facilitates handling and administration.

You provide us with the parts to be transported (we promise to uphold confidentiality) and we take care of selecting and designing the containers / load carriers in accordance with your specifications.

Security packaging & transport packing

Fragile, high-quality equipment requires custom-made packaging. Here, there is a wide range of combination options and they are adapted to suit each other.

Plastic containers and wooden boxes (made from OSB or plywood), combined with individually-manufactured interior fittings made from PE or PUR recycling foam, help to transport your valuable equipment around the world to its destination.

Multiway & reusable packaging

Especially when it comes to internal logistics, but also when transporting goods between different manufacturing steps, it is important that surface-treated or fragile parts are not damaged.

An ideal packaging solution, perfectly design to promote efficiency, distinctiveness and product protection, ensures smooth circulation and helps faultless parts to be delivered to the right place at the right time.

Framework & intermediat layers

Frameworks and intermediate layers made from PP carton sheets (twin-wall) and nub profile sheets, as well as from PE foams, are used in many different ways in the industry.

These are used especially for economical transport and component storage. Here are just a few design options:

  • foldable / space-saving return transport and storage
  • upper edge welding / protection from dirt and impact
  • already inserted or welded / loss of compartment components no longer possible
  • printing / easily identifiable to avoid mix-ups
  • Wooden crates

    For all devices that are often required to travel, stable, reusable and functional packaging is important.

    Wooden and protection cases are made to measure and are provided with a suitable interior. In this way, it is guaranteed that both transport volume and protect production are optimally adapted to one another.

  • Special handles
  • transport rollers
  • lockable fasteners
  • and much more
  • …facilitate the handling and generate the additional benefits you want.

    Punched & milled parts

    The possible applications for punched and milled parts are diverse. They include frame packaging, spacers, presentation and protective packaging, promotional items, and much more.

    Automated punching and milling technologies keep the price low and quality high.

    They are also available with adhesive splicing tape, designations and so on.

    Cuts & laser engraver

    You decide the format, we take care of production. Our wide range of cutting machines enables both small and medium-sized production runs to be carried out in no time at all. The most modern laser engraver technology enables us to manufacture individual lettering, logos etc, but also complete components.

    ESD packaging

    Electronic devices and components are particularly susceptible to static charge and fault currents.

    Here it is important that both the transport container and the foam used for fixing or mounting satisfy the requirements of electrical properties. Eurofoam pactec has a wide range of antistatic, conductive and statically dissipative foams available for you.

    Our portfolio includes containers, twin-wall sheets and foams.

    Plates & rolls

    We would be glad to send you PE (polyethylene) and PU (polyurethane) foams, also in the form of rough plates. On request, we can also remove the production surface film from the PE rough foam plates. This means that nothing else stands in the way of further processing.

    Some PE (polyethylene) and PU (polyurethane) foam grades can be delivered as rolls.

    Molded foam containers & trays

    From the car industry to the dental industry: the areas of application for molded foam are extensive. These include foam products made from EPP (expanded polypropylene), EPE (expanded polyethylene) or EPS (expanded polystyrene).

    Especially in the car and electronics industry, molded foam containers and molded foam trays have been used for a long time to guarantee the safe and dirt-free transport of components.

    The interior of molded foam trays is either foamed at the same time or manufactured accordingly. A wide range of processing techniques such as water jet cutting, punching or milling enable us to create individual and cost-effective solutions for even small quantities.

    Advertising & promotion

    Whether case or briefcase inserts, presentation displays or other creative solutions, we use foam to make your advertising idea a reality.

    A whole range of different design options are available regarding shape, color, haptics and appearance:

  • with or without prints
  • embossing
  • textile laminates
  • self-adhesive films
  • Surprise us with your ideas.