A unique foam

cellpur® reaches new heights when it comes to hygiene and comfort. The integrated Tencel® powder, with its sensational climate properties, boosts the foam’s moisture absorption potential.

Convincing advantages

Thanks to the integrated TENCEL® powder and the associated moisture regulation, cellpur foam offers a range of unbeatable advantages:

Drier climate
cellpur absorbs the moisture emitted by the human body, stores it temporarily and emits it fully again. cellpur stores twice as much moisture as comparable foam qualities. Feel the pleasantly dry climate while sleeping in your bed or wearing the same shoe the whole day!

Maximum hygiene
Decide yourself who shares your bed with you. Bed mites stand no chance due to the drier sleeping climate.

Convincing comfort
cellpur offers all advantages of a high-quality high resilience foam.

A clear conscience
All of these advantages are attributable to cellulose powder which is produced from the natural raw material wood.

Advantages you can feel! Day after day, night after night!

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Diversity of use

cellpur was developed to further enhance high-quality foam with the unique capabilities of TENCEL®. Thus, a material was created which offers a range of unbeatable advantage for application in the bedding branch.

In the meantime, the ability to absorb moisture from the environment, store it and re-emit it is now also valued in other branches. cellpur foam is currently used in the following applications:

  • mattresses
  • pillows
  • mattress toppers
  • shoes
  • Other areas of use are already in development. There are no limits to your imagination!