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Whether fire-proof functional materials, temperature-regulating comfort foams or unique acoustic solutions.

ergonomics with comfort

Our product line emc® combines ergonomics with comfort in an optimum way. As a science, ergonomics endeavors to improve the environmental conditions of individuals in such a way, that health, wellbeing and performance are maintained. For the sleeping area, this means the continual development of ergonomically-designed materials which guarantee optimum comfort.

Unique moisture regulation

cellpur reaches new heights when it comes to hygiene and comfort. For the first time, Tencel® powder, with its sensational climate properties, has been successfully integrated into foam. This boosts the foam’s moisture absorption potential.

Fire functional foams

deflammo FF is the highlight of our product line Eurofoam protect. These special foam types fulfil the strictest European and international safety standards concerning their behaviour in fire and smoke. Therefore they are often used in public areas. Everywhere, where safety and comfort are required.

Eurofoam classic

Eurofoam classic represents our standard range of foams. Whether normal, soft or hard, the diversity of grades of Eurofoam classic (classification N) particularly stands out due to its good air permeability and even cell structure with small pores.

Eurofoam classic foams have a density of 15 to 110 kg/m3 and a compression hardness of 1.0 to 31.0 kPa. All Eurofoam classic foams are certified in accordance with the Öko-Tex Standard 100 and the EUFAC fire standard.

These foams are used in the areas of upholstery furniture, mattresses, dining areas, camping, sport and shoes, as well as for various special technical applications. Are you looking for the ideal combination of density and hardness for a certain area of application? We are here to advise you!

Eurofoam comfort

By continually updating and improving our recipes, we have managed to develop the most permanently elastic materials. These foams are grouped under the name Eurofoam comfort (classification R).

The 3D cell structure is comparable to a honeycomb and guarantees perfect point elasticity and maximum air permeability. Among these grades, you will find foams with a density of 25 to 60 kg/m3 and a compression hardness of between 1.5 and 8.0 kPa.

These highly sophisticated products are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100, comply with EUFAC fire standards and exhibit considerably improved fire behavior in comparison to other upholstery materials. Quality-conscious manufacturers value Eurofoam comfort’s exclusive cushioning characteristics and long lifespan!

Eurofoam composite

The term composite foam stands for rebound or recycling foam. In fact, 80% of PUR recycled flexible foam is mixed with 20% raw material in liquid form and pressed into short slabs of composite material. This technology enables extremely high density foams to be produced.

Rebound foams are used primarily in the automotive and acoustics industry. They are also a low-cost alternative to upholstery when combined with comfort materials. Eurofoam Composite is available in the following densities: 60, 90, 100, 120, 140, 160 and 200 kg/m3.

It must be noted that the differences in hardness for rebound foams are more significant than for conventionally manufactured PUR flexible foam material.

Eurofoam technics

Eurofoam technics includes a selection of polyether and polyester foams for special technical applications.

Areas of application are: filtration, corsetry, shoulder pads, wet areas, paint rollers, air or water sealing, upholstery and the packaging of electronic devices and circuit boards. Moreover, we supply foams for different sponges, e.g. polishing and scouring pads.

The different range of foams available with Eurofoam technics guarantees versatility and custom-tailored properties. We would be glad to advise you when selecting the ideal foam for your particular use.


A flocked foam with a velvety-soft surface.
The innovation was launched in response to requests by well-known ski goggle manufacturers. They wanted material haptics to be velvety soft, a dense surface and material that was both friendly to the skin and of course, make-up resistant.

This development can benefit the most diverse range of products: products which still contain fabric or felt – e.g. elaborate product presentations, interior linings, cover finishes or the finest packaging.

Hypersoft – rich colors, sophisticated embossing
The unique PU flock finish can be applied to foams of varying thickness, although it also works without foam as a backing material in combination with textile surfaces. Colorings from within the RAL range are possible, including company logo embossing.

Eurofoam viscoline

viscoline is an open-pore, flexible polyurethane foam which fully reveals its temperature-sensitive properties when it comes into contact with body heat.

It molds itself perfectly to suit your body shape, and at the same time, works to relieve all built-up pressure. This boosts blood circulation whilst asleep. The regeneration phase begins earlier and lasts approximately 50% longer, since the “natural” tossing and turning during sleep is minimized.

The pressure-relieving properties are also successfully used in medicine to prevent decubitus.