emc® ergonomics meets comfort

Our emc® product line represents the perfect balance between ergonomics and comfort. When it comes to sleep products, this means consistently developing body-conforming materials that ensure superior comfort.

Sleep products to dream about

The emc® range of mattresses from Eurofoam combines ergonomics with comfort and is Class 1 certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100. In the production of our mattresses, we place a special focus on materials that support the contours of the body and an ideal composition with respect to the density and firmness. With emc®, we can satisfy all our customers’ needs – and meet their specific requirements as well.


emc®xd: different than the rest

emc®xd combines all the requirements that apply to modern foam for mattresses and can rightfully be described as the king of foams. The difference in its structure is already apparent at first glance. But emc®xd can do more.

The king of foams

emc®xd will be enjoyed for years to come, as it exhibits extraordinary shape retention. From perspiration during the night to long-term use, nothing deforms this foam.

Starting from the processing stage through to its actual use, emc®xd is especially resistant to tearing while remaining elastic.

emc®xd is the kind of comfort you dream of. This is backed up by its one-of-a-kind pore structure, which exhibits a soft, supple finish and an interior that provides elastic support.

The foam features an especially open-pored cell structure that makes it highly breathable. This prevents heat and moisture from building up, resulting in an especially pleasant microclimate in the sleeping system.


emc®classic simply stands for the best price performance ratio. And it goes without saying that we are committed to delivering a superior level of quality in the manufacture of our mattresses, regardless of the product group.


By combining our quality criteria with a commitment to incorporate 20% natural materials in the foam production process, we take a giant step closer to achieving a “green” product. A portion of the petroleum in emc®verde is replaced by castor oil.


emc®sensitiv was developed for use in hospitals. The antibacterial additives integrated in the foam prevent conditions in which bacteria can reproduce. This product is therefore especially suitable for individuals with allergies (for example, to dust mites).


emc®premium combines a unique sense of being firmly held while floating on air. Thanks to sophisticated technology, the tear resistance has been increased significantly without any expensive additives. An impressive density of 65 kg3 guarantees ultimate comfort.