Longtime experience


For more than 60 years we are producing and converting foam at our facility in Kremsmünster.

Development of the company


In 1868, Carl Albert Greiner set up a grocery store in Nürtingen, Germany. Ten years later the enterprise became a cork factory, followed by a subsidiary in Kremsmünster, Upper Austria in 1899. In the early 1950s, the first blocks were foamed. Ten years later, foaming systems were installed on a continual basis, laying the foundations for mass production, consistent quality and varying degrees of hardness.

Over the next few years, several more factories were built at home and abroad. The parent company Greiner Holding AG, founded in 1986, formed the organizational framework for this stage of further development. The fall of the Iron Curtain and the establishment of the European Economic Community required company management to start to think out of the box.

In order to diversify the risk of expansion into the East and strengthen their company’s position on the market, Greiner decided to make all future investments in the flexible foam sector with the Belgian company Recticel S.A. In May 1993, Eurofoam GmbH was founded as a 50:50 Joint Venture for the reason. After four years of successful collaboration in the East, both partners also incorporated their flexible foam factories in Germany and Austria into the business.

In June 2020, Greiner took over the 50% share from Recticel, and Eurofoam is now 100% owned by the Greiner AG.  

Eurofoam Kremsmünster