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If foam is the solution, you’ll find an expert partner in Eurofoam to help you realize your plans. We have a wide array of converting technologies, processing technologies, and special measuring techniques at our disposal to bring your ideas to life.


We consider fabricating and converting foams to be our core competency. To this end, we offer a broad spectrum of mature technologies to process, machine, and finish our foams.

In the first processing stage, we offer blocks of foam for our customers to convert. But we’re also happy to tailor custom foam solutions for you that are precise down to the millimeter. These solutions range from flakes, sheets, and rolls through perfect-fit cut foams.

We offer everything from simple rectangular pieces of cut foam, to a broad range of geometric shapes, through pieces with a nubbed, pyramid-shaped surface or a specially designed surface (SMT). Our CNC cutting machines guarantee a clean, precise cut. Sheets are mainly used in the upholstery segment. Rolls of foam are cut to thicknesses of between 1.8 mm and 30 mm with widths of between 1,000 mm and 2,100 mm on a 60-meter-long loop splitting line. The rolls are then primarily used in vehicle manufacturing as well as in the sports and textile industries.

We convert used foams into rebound foam. Thanks to its varying densities and thickness levels, the recycled material can be used for a whole host of applications, including as vibration, noise, or footfall insulation.

Converting portfolio

CNC copying, water jet cutting & plot cutting

CNC copying
Using computer-controlled (CNC) cutting machines, horizontal and vertical 2D cuts can be made. Digitalized drawings can be directly read into the CNC machine. These 100% electronically-controlled machines guarantee an exact cut and optimal material usage. Rotary tables enable particular 3D shapes to be cut.

Water jet cutting
Water jet cutting use water to cut materials like foam, insulation, rubber, sealing compound, paper, foils and many more can be cut with a very high driving speed.

Plot cutting
In particular, sample and small series, as well as prototypes, can be produced here without prior tool manufacturing. Design alterations are therefore possible at all times. The system guarantees a flexible approach to customer requirements.

SMT & nub profile cuts

SMT – surface modification technology
This cutting technology, exclusively developed by us for surface processing, opens up unprecedented possibilities for shaping, e.g. for unique mattress core design.

Nub profile cuts
Using nub profile cutting machines, certain surface structures can be created based on the customer’s specified relationship between the nub height and foam base. The specified structure, provided by the roll surface, is maintained on both manufactured parts. The template should be comparable with the surface of cardboard egg packaging.


Gluing foam with adhesives is one of the most important working steps in foam processing. Combining foam with foam, but also with other materials has many advantages. These range from increased comfort to simplicity for additional work processes to cost reduction.

We process non-woven fabrics in all designs and grades, as well as wood, plastics, bituminized boards, aluminium foils, velour, textiles and materials.

At Eurofoam, we are continually seeking to improve our adhesives. In collaboration with the adhesive industry, we developed low-solvent and even solvent-free adhesive systems a number of years ago. When it comes to purchasing mattresses, it is of particular importance to our clients that the different materials are stuck together with solvent-free adhesives. Over the years, various systems for adhesive application have also been developed.

Cutting: horizontal, vertical & bevel cuts

Horizontal and vertical cuts
Foam raw slabs are cut vertically and horizontally using band knife machines. In this way, razor-sharp band knives cut the material to the desired size. Another processing technique is to cut multiple short slabs horizontally into plates of varying widths (from 2 mm), on so-called “rotary” designs or “roundabouts.”

Bevel cuts
Bevel cutting machines are used to produce wedge-shaped cuts. Using milling machines, any edges can be rounded to a preferred radius.

Contour cuts, milling & punching

Contour cuts
This production method simultaneously combines the advantages of attractively packaged goods with optimum transport protection. Particularly fragile areas of the packaged goods are given extra clearance or cushioning for additional protection. As a result of the low tool costs, this form of processing is also suitable for small and medium-sized production runs.

Especially polyether foams can be efficiently processed using modern milling technology. The computer-controlled milling machines facilitate flexible shaping for both the manufacturing of prototypes and series production.

The most modern punching technologies enable us to carry out both small and large-scale series production in an automated and cost-effective way. Punching tools manufactured by laser cutting technology guarantee the highest standards of quality and precision at all stages of the punching process.

Processing technologies

SA coating
SA stands for “self-adhesive.” The selected area of the foam piece is stuck with adhesive and protected by a film. After removing this film, the film can then be processed further if so desired. Our foams can be supplied for you with both one-sided and double-sided adhesive coating.

Thermal warping
PUR or recycling materials can be optimally processed using special stamping tools. The outcome is dense, splash-proof thermo parts, which can be used under the most arduous conditions – for example, for agricultural machinery, public transport vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction machines, motorcycles or compressors.

This technology is used primarily for mattress cores. In addition to foam core production, we also offer core slip covers. For sheathing the core we use a polyamide fabric that is sealed at the narrow sides of the mattress. The core slip cover makes it easy to sheathe the mattress cover.

Calculations & measurements

Vertical shock value calculation
Our state-of-the-art shock test equipment simulates the stresses expected when transporting the packaged goods. We work with you to design the required transport packaging solution. Dampening and vibration curves illustrate and document the results achieved.

Porosity measurement
Visiocell is our method of measuring foam porosity. For this purpose, a special camera takes a photo of the foam structure and then measures the cell size using Visiocell software. This measurement is accurate, repeatable and can easily be carried out in a matter of minutes..

Acoustic measurement
In order to obtain objective and comparable data values from a subjectively perceived noise, we provide you with expert advice on-site by means of Brüel Kjaer’s acoustic measurement equipment for noise level analysis, frequency-rated noise level analysis and reverberation time measurement.

White upholstery

As a system supplier, we also offer you a white upholstery service: from wood, nonwovens and our high-quality foams, we produce custom-made furniture just for you!

We work with specialists in the wood and nonwovens area when selecting our components, so that we can optimally satisfy your quality and design requirements.

Your advantages
We take care of the laborious bonding and sewing work for you.
You receive the finished products from one supplier and not three.
This means you save precious storage space and can offer your customers shorter delivery times.

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